Narduk Nathnul
After the devastating defeat upon Far Reach, the Imperial family call on all Unicorns and their allies to rid Mauritanja of this threat once and for all.
Cadrus Cornus is becoming weaker; his brother Narduk Nathnul has become stronger. The armies of the undead have taken over the Alzheimer Mountains on North Isle. He has desecrated land and destroyed towns. He is adamant on retrieving the Hornblade for himself.
The Unicorn armies and their Generals have been fighting in the region for months now.
Some time ago a temple was found in the Savannah and is thought to hold ancient secrets. It is also where the Elite guard were slain by the Unliving that seemed to swarm around the area. All the skills of the people of Mauritanja will be needed in this task.
It is time to avenge the deaths of our fallen.


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Rules and Regulations of The Unicorn Faction.
  • The Unicorn Faction or any persons so appointed by The Unicorn Faction cannot be held personally liable or responsible for any injury or damage to any individual participating in any The Unicorn Faction event.
  • The Unicorn Faction cannot be held responsible for any damage to, loss or theft of any personal or communal property during any The Unicorn Faction event.
  • The Unicorn Faction are NOW operating a strict ‘NO CARD. NO EFFECT’ policy. Any and all special items, poisons etc must be disclosed prior to booking. There are NO exceptions to this rule.
  • LRP is a potentially dangerous hobby and I agree to act in a reasonable and safe manner during any LRP event.
  • I understand and agree that The Unicorn Faction reserves the right to refuse admission or participation in any event or part of an event to any individual at any time. The organisers are not obliged to give any reason or explanation for such a decision, but one can be supplied after a request in writing.
  • Metal weapons or tools are NOT to be carried on site. Camping knives may only be carried in direct proximity to allocated camping areas.
  • The organisers will expel any individual engaged in illegal, defamatory or dangerous practices during the event ‘it’s funny is not an excuse!’
  • The referee’s decision is final in all disputes.

The Unicorn Faction and Unicorn Faction Command use the Lorien Trust LRP version 2.0 Rules System. The Lorien LRP System is copyright to the Lorien Trust 1996.

The event will be a four day event, from the friday to the monday of the first bank holiday of May. Tickets are £40 before April 1, after which the fee is £45.00 for the entire weekend and this time bookings HAVE to be first come first served, so book early to avoid disappointment. We will not be accepting on the gate bookings, excepting individual arrangements as per usual. Children under 14 attend the event free, but must fill in the booking form and get a parent or guardian to sign.

Monsters attend for free and have the option of indoor crash space.

If you have any queries or questions regarding the event, either contact Steve on 01903 202369, or mail him here.

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