The Unicorn Faction library holds very little on Nihon. Unicorn traders have covered all of the Heartlands and often a little beyond, but their forays into Nihon have given them no information about the Siam.
Lady Rowan obtained us access to the Great Library that has a lot more information on Nihon, and we found a book that relates to three powerful Oni (demons) who’s essence was put into a beacon that was sealed in a magical chest. The full story goes along these lines:

"In times long foretold, there was a great Ancestor, followed by many thousands of followers that lived in the deep forests of ancient Nihon. This Ancestor represented all to his people, the epitome of perfection to which they all hoped to aspire to. His people followed him without hesitation and did all that he might ask for and worshipped him. In return he helped those that struggled and remonstrated those who were prideful, and looked on his people as his children. This Ancestor was known as, roughly translated of course, the Father of All. He walked amongst his people and all was good in their part of the world.
Then a corruption entered into the great forest of the West where the Father of All lived. This corruption was that of Oni, Demons from beyond knowledge that entered through the Void Deeps where the eternal barrier that stops this world’s corruption by the void was weakest. The demons started to corrupt those that lived in the land and through them the Father of All.
The Father of All became twisted, prideful himself and arrogant over all his followers. Instead of asking, he now ordered. Instead of correcting, he now punished. His people became more broken and corrupt through his dealings with them and, in turn, he became more corrupt from his people’s corruption. Soon the great forests were awash with murder and thievery as all preyed off one another.
The Emperor, may the Ancestors bless his name, saw this corruption and sent his finest Samurai to eradicate those thieves and murderers. However, he had not known of the Father of All’s corruption and his Samurai were thrown back in disarray at the Father’s great power. The Oni had overcome him completely and he was now as of them. He called up the dead to life and soon the forests were awash with an evil of great power.
The Emperor called on the power of the Ancestors and took his priests into the forest to destroy the corruption that had spread. They laid the unliving back to rest and marched on the Father of All in an attempt to root him and those that he controlled from the forests and rid the Empire of his taint. The Emperor fought for many days. His priests and Samurai valiantly wadded hip deep through bodies of the unliving and those that followed the Father of All.
Eventually they came to where the corruption of the Father of All walked freely. Around him stood a legion of unliving, but they were but a wave of petals against the blade of the Empire and were washed away by the cleansing magic of his priests. Soon the Father of All stood alone, but he was unperturbed by the Emperor. He summoned magics powerful enough to rip a Samurai’s head from his shoulders, to corrupt the patterns of any he struck armoured or not, and to raise all those that fell around him as his minions. Weapons and magic could not harm him, except for the Ancestral blade of the Emperor that was dedicated to the defence of the Empire.
The Emperor gathered his priests about him, and summoned their powers in an almighty stream of Ancestral might. This filled the Father of All with the wrath of all the Emperors of Nihon and in a blinding flash the Father of All was blown into pieces.
However, this was not to be so easy a victory. As they watched, the head of the Father of all sprang a new body that pulsed with magical energy. His chest and arms grew a new head and legs and became hugely muscled. The pattern of the Father of All emerged from all else that remained of the pieces and formed a shape clouded in a dark cloak. Floating between these three beings was a light that glowed with blackness, for it was the essence of the Father of All, enriched by the belief of his followers.
The Emperor struck each of the beings again with the power of his priests, and each time they vanished only to reform once more. Seeing that he could not destroy the Father of All as long as he had followers, he used the power of the Ancestors to seize control of the essence of the Father of All and bound it into the torch that he held in his hand. He then sealed the beacon in a magical box to stop the Father from All’s essence from escaping. With his essence contained the Emperor managed to send the body, mind and pattern of the Father of All into the void for all eternity, for as long as the Essence of the Father of All was kept sealed away.
The box was then placed within a shrine to the Fortune’s to be guarded by its priests. This shrine was sadly destroyed when the Fire of the Ancestors rained down on Nihon and the Xia left.”

As written By Lady Elmeira and Denny Tasselmouth

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